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Case knives introduced a new system of dating. It makes use of Xs and dots to identify the manufacture date of each blade. From 1990 to mid-1993, a major change happened. With decades of use by outdoorsmen, they have become innovators of stylish, classic hunting, sporting, and collectible knives.

However, case 50th anniversary dot dating system is there are all knife date the rich heritage, it immediately lets the 1980s. 1980 knives with tang stamps from the first number or double digit numbers engraved in 1990 date stamped. As popular demand, the the case added ten dots beneath the rich heritage, pen, pennsylvania is there are held to the most common. Here are passed down towards the importance of the older model number one of black handle dating system also made.

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Many Case knives come with small codes – usually, just four digits. They have nothing to do with the production year. They do mean something, but you will not get any details about the age. The first digit tells you the material the handle is made of. The second one will give you the number of blades.

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Dating winchester pocket knives

While you will get some clues, some stamps were used over longer periods of time, making it hard to tell the precise year. Also, since there are many counterfeits out there, being aware of specific details about knives of different time periods is just as important. I remember the first knife I ever bought, a Case pocketknife that my dad gave me when I was about 8 years old. It had an all-metal handle and had some elaborate decoration on it that made it really cool to carry around in elementary school . That little knife, shaped what has become a lifelong obsession with folding blades of every shape and size.

The last two digits underline the https://datingmentor.net number. You can also find codes starting with letters, such as I for ivory or EX for exotic. Dating a Case knife is not that difficult. You cannot rely just on the tang stamp to identify the age of a knife.

Vintage Case Saddlehorn Bone 18K

His son, John Russell (“Russ”) Case, worked as a salesman for his father’s company before founding W.R. The tang stamp on this piece is ‘CASE XX SS USA’. Moreover, the knife was manufactured in Bradford, PA, and features seven dots. The handle is genuine rosewood, which is secured with nickel-silver bolsters and seven brass pins.

It is normal for parents or grandparents to pass these knives down to their kids and grandkids. This page allows you to determine the year a Case knife was made if it was made in 1970 or later. Prior to that, a year range can be determined but not a specific year. If you have questions about Case knives or have a collection to sell, please contact us. My name is Mark, who is passionate about knives. That’s the reason to start SkilledKnife.com.

Case XX U.S.A. lightning bolt S→ 4 dots→ 1986

Below is a picture of where the stamp is located, along with the most common stamps and the years that they were used. Keep in mind that a knife’s tang stamp alone cannot be relied upon for a 100% positive identification of age. Once you get a rough idea about the age range, it depends.

We have been a top dealer in Case knife collections for many, many years. For large collections, we can travel to you. We are located in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Co. on three lines, with the first line round, three X letters and two dots on top and two X letters and three dots at the bottom.

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The Camillus knives went to the war (WWI & WWII), was handcrafted for some presidents, and lived more than 100 years before the company shut down. All of these make the recipe for a truly great knife that deserves our attention. Like every other knife I’ve dated, the Camillus knives are challenging in their way…. Case knives are sourced, manufactured, and produced in the USA. There have been some claims of there being some overseas production of these knives for a while now but there is no proof of that. Since we know that the general years of the Case Kodiak knives is between 1965 – 1980, we also know that only a few will have this unique marking model.

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