If you have details on the brand and model, all the better. Buy a replacement kit that’ll fit the opening in your sink. If you can't find a kit that fits your pipe or you'd rather replace the whole mechanism, disconnect the drain pipe and bring that with you to, too. To replace a sink strainer, coil a snake or rope of plumber's putty around the strainer circumference.

Installing the New Drain

The tail-end of the J-shaped trap completes the drainage line by connecting to the drain outlet pipe. It should be noted that all connections should be completed with slip-on compression nuts so that the drain pipes can be disassembled easily in the case of a clog. A double kitchen sink drain is one with the familiar basket strainer you see on most kitchen sinks.

In most cases, drainpipes must slope at least 1/4 inch per running foot. Running a drain across a room that does not have a basement or crawlspace might call for careful calculations. Codes might require that vent pipes slope 1/8 inch per foot.

Remove ALL the old caulk

It may be tempting to turn it the wrong way in order to fit it into a small space, but it doesn’t work properly this way and may leak. Richard Epstein is a licensed master plumber with over 40 years experience in residential and commercial plumbing. He specializes in estimating as well as design and engineering for plumbing systems, and he works for one of New York's largest union plumbing construction companies.

In addition to the main shutoff valve for a house, plumbing codes might require shutoff valves that control a portion of the house. All faucets and toilets must have individual stop valves. This corroded old valve, for example, will need replacement or repacking. Old plumbing usually can remain; however, any new plumbing needs to meet code.

Adjust the pieces as necessary, making sure the continuous waste arm has a slight downward pitch toward the tee fitting. Before continuing to the next steps, remove the old sink andinstall the new sink in the countertop. Our installation will include a double-basin sink with a garbage disposal fitted to the right basin.

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The drainpipe that you disconnected will be just below the brass tailpiece of the sink drain. Move the drainpipe so it’s touching the bottom of the brass tailpiece and the 2 edges are aligned. how much is AcademicSingles Apply the putty to the underside of the lip of the basket. Flip the basket strainer upside down and use your fingers to press the plumber’s putty onto the underside of the lip.

Some plumbing codes require you to verify that primer was used. Choose a purple-colored primer ($10, The Home Depot) so the inspector can quickly tell that the pipes have been sufficiently primed. Adhere to these plumbing code requirements to ensure your kitchen or bathroom renovation goes smoothly. Soil stacks are larger pipes, typically 3 to 4 inches in diameter. This article was co-authored by James Schuelke and by wikiHow staff writer, Eric McClure.

Learn the key plumbing differences to successfully install double sink plumbing. You might not realize it at first, but sinks can be installed in several different ways. Drop-in (or top-mount) sinks are simply placed into a hole cut into the countertop, making them the easiest to install. Undermount sinks are attached below the countertop, creating a flat, seamless appearance that will please those with more modern sensibilities. Farmhouse (or apron-front) sinks have their fronts exposed, replacing the cabinetry and making a surprising statement.