Xcx Trade Agreement

This mission requires the execution of a series of transactions until a gold Nopopotamus card is acquired. There are several roads that work, and there are no loops or dead ends; Every transaction is a step in the right direction. This table summarizes the NPCs that have cards or other items to trade during this mission. Capisca is located on the starboard side of the Ma-non ship, near the time change bank. Liviana (Human) in the business district to the right of Sarah`s Market and BW Salon Capsica (Manon) in the Manon Ship on the south side of the upper deck “After several trading sessions, you finally acquired the golden Nopopotamus card. Warawa is delighted to have received such a rare item. Wilbur (Human) in the residential area of Ishmael Hills, next to the Pirapira (Nopon) pool in the business district, which is located on dumpsters northwest of Liviana I just thought it might be searched for, so I post how to do this quest. Ton`barac (Orpheus) in the residential area of the tennis court.. .