What Is Mol Contract

Sir, my request follows: I have been doing the current work for 14 months. I do not want to continue the current society. I want to cancel the visa before the end of my contract period. If I cancel the visa, will I receive a six-month ban? What about the ban, sir? Could you perhaps mention that, sir? Hi Sir, I work in Abu Dhabi January 2015 finish my work permit I don`t want to work, what is the processor and the company does not give me mine on the month of February 2014 he said he should send to my house after I left, so please give me some advice, Sir. Hello Sir Maam. Im susan castillosoriano im working in the cleaning company. I have a question about my situation. cos this Jan 07 2015 I the most beautiful my 5 years contrak in I want to apply in another company in I have 3 months of my contrak what you think sir maam I have a ban .. Dear Sir, I have been working for about 7 months in one of the family businesses here in the United Arab Emirates, but so far I have not seen a copy of my contract, I ask my sponsor to give me a copy but no answer I take a salary of 1600 per month once a month day off 10 hours of service per day and a reduction of 100dhs each day absent,, I just wonder why he doesn`t want us to have a copy of our contract, how can we get a copy of it and have the right to complain about it, because now that I intend to leave the company, is it possible for me to file a termination document, and if so, is there a way for me to be blocked as well? Thank you and best regards, Hello, I have been working with the last company for 1 year for an open-ended contract (2 years). A work ban could be imposed on me before I terminate my contract. My previous job in the company was 6 years.

Please advise. According to the United Arab Emirates Labour Act No. 8 of 1980, there are two types of employment contracts: fixed-term or (fixed-term) contracts and contracts of indefinite duration. The difference lies in the provisions relating to tips and termination at the end of service. In 2018, the UAE introduced the part-time contract system based on a ministerial decision. If you have not signed an employment contract and your visa has not yet been stamped, you can cancel, but the company may ask you to pay the visa fee Hello Sir .hope u fine sir I want to know my contract with the company, but I do not have a work card, so how can I please cheak with the IDE card Dear Sir Main adil farooq fazalkhan lebur card no51707706. main 2 aprel 2013 sa comfort contracting llc compni min as a carpentar jab car raha hun.sir abhi mera visa finish ho geya hy or main is compny min mazeed job nahi kar sakta main na 1 mois pahly rezain kia tha abi tak mujy compny na cincal nahi kia mera lebur card 1aprl ko or id 14aprel ko finish ho gay hain meri 3month ki selry bhe nahi di jb bhe main na office min selry k lia pepar bheja to ofice sa hr reply min ya he bola geya k next month ba bi jay gi lekin abi tak nahi di octubar march aprael ki sellry nahi di gai. Main 5 din sa beemar hun merey pas madican k lia paysa nahi hy oder oder comboss mujey room sa bahar nekalta hy main bemari ki waja sa dutty nahi kar sakta sir please merihellp ki jaye i have applied two company before. Both, I indicated the requirements for the e-visa.

But I told the first company that I would not continue to work with them and they did not inform me that they had applied for a work permit in Mol. When the second company is about to give me an e-visa, they told me that I had an active work permit in Mol. I have to cancel it first, so I talked to the first company to cancel it. It`s been about 2 months since they always said that Tom Tom Tom.So away it`s not canceled. They said they need to renew their trading license and they should wait first. What am I going to do now, sir? Hello, I am on a permanent contract and I was in the company 1y6 months, and I would like to move to another company, Please tell me if I will have group Thank you I sign to my company a two-year contract, but because you do not follow wt said in the newspapers . I want to quit my job and find another job, I`m school. as a cleaner, I am in an unlimited contract job. I did my year here in this job.

mif I cncell my work. I should pay and I`m in the group. ? Mohammad, I don`t know what document you`re referring to! I recently got a job that accepted a letter of offer from the company, and I`m still under my husband`s patronage. However, the contract says “limited”. The letter of offer was signed in July and I still haven`t joined the company and my work card is taken by the company. nw due to some personal and health issues that I will not be able to join. So what I would like to know is whether I will get a ban. Please advise me. Thank you for contacting us. We recommend that you discuss this with your employer and ask them to provide you with the contract details and help you find your card number.

For more information and questions, you can even contact MOHRE at +971-4-607-3555. The application for an employment contract is made within sixty days from the date of entry into the State. In the case of an employment contract for this purpose, it must be submitted within thirty days of entering the state, I just received my emirate id card, but I do not know what the person number is and where I get it from, please guide me. I am currently working on a permanent contract on my trial period from now on, in just 3 months in the company. So, if I have already resigned from my company, will I be excluded from the company or from work? Or if I ever get a new job that I can get 5,000aed offer, will I still get some kind of ban?? Working without an employment contract or visa is illegal. And working on a tourist visa is also illegal. Can I ask a question where I work as a sales assistant in front of a supermarket, but. After a month, they took me to another supermarket, and then they told me that I worked as a butcher, even though I didn`t know how to use a machine. What is the best Sirin solution in this case.

I would like to work for another company if my contract is not concluded. In addition, they have overtime, but not enough to maintain wages. Are there any violations they have to pay? Hello deepak bro I hope you are well Can GOD a lot of blessings on u Van u please tell me that I only have the employment contract number I check my contract on MOL it shows my contact and then show a prescription only written Your application already pending in tasheel activated Writing Center Can you tell me how can I get my visa number from the employment contract? But the company concludes another employment contract for visa preparation in May or July. In this state, which contract is valuable to change my visa, or are you looking for a better job…? (no ban) hello pls help me what happens if I can call my residence visa before the expiry date? Will I be banned from immigration? But I forgive my 2-year contract at work. Dear Sir, I have been working for this cleaning company for about 1 month. The contract states that my salary is AED 1500, but she will deduct AED 200 per month due to the expenses she spends on me. My employer also told me that they would provide me with free housing and a subsidy for transportation. The PRO told me that if my employer doesn`t have housing for them, they have to pay me 800EAD a month so I can share the house for others. But unfortunately there is no accommodation and there is no 800 AED. There are also times when she asks me to enter a building without getting permission from the security staff or receptionist.

I was an intruder in the building and hung flyers on the door of the apartment. I told my employer that I wanted to resign from my position. She told me I had to pay AED 10,000 and then I could leave. Can you give me any advice on that? Can I quit this job and work will block me if I resign. Sir, I applied for a job in Dubai through an agent. He gives me a copy and tells me it`s your working copy. I don`t know what a labout copy is. I`m very confused because it`s not a work card.

The title of the copy is “Entering the Electronic Prior Authorization for the Work Permit Application”. Now, please let me know what kind of copy it is and how can I check this copy online. and how can I send you the copy, which you can communicate to me in detail after seeing the copy The employment contract is a document signed between the employer and the employee, in which he undertakes to serve the employer and works under his direction for an agreed fee paid by the employer. I also tried to check my contract online and he just showed me some kind of receipt to show Tasheel. What must I do? I have been working with An Automobile Company in Dubai for a year and two months. My employment contract is of indefinite duration and I have concluded one year and two months. Now I have resigned from my current employer and offered a job with a new employer. .